Blueboard Expression Pedal

Here’s a quick guide to configuring the iRig Blueboard wireless MIDI controller with a Mission SP-1 switching expression pedal.


We had a request recently via the Mission Customer Service queue about using the iRig Blueboard with a Mission SP-1. The Blueboard is a handy little battery operated MIDI controller that can send  MIDI Program Change and Continuous Controller messages via Bluetooth wireless to a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. I actually use one of these myself at home where I run Scuffham S-Gear on my Apple iMac connected via USB to a Mission Gemini 1 full range amplified cabinet and use the Blueboard to change S-Gear presets.

The Blueboard has two expression pedal inputs and the customer wanted to know if they could connect the a Mission SP-1 switching expression pedal to these. The SP-1 is an expression pedal that has a switch integrated into it. When used with a compatible MIDI controller, the switch can be used to send MIDI messages to turn effects on and off. Typical uses would be to turn an expression pedal controlled effect such as wah or whammy on and off, or to use the expression pedal as a volume and have the switch turn on a boost or distortion effect.

It turns out the Blueboard works great with the SP-1. I tested this with the Blueboard iPhone app, but have no reason to believe software on other systems should not work just the same. Since the Blueboard is only intended to have continuous controllers connected to the pedal inputs, there is a little workaround that has to be done on the calibration,  after which it should work just fine.

Connect the pedal out on the SP-1 to the first input on the Blueboard with a TRS cable and run the Blueboard pedal calibration utility. Then connect the pedal out on the SP-1 to the second pedal input on the Blueboard and run the calibration utility again. After calibration is complete, you can connect both the pedal and the switch outputs on the SP-1 with two TRS cables to the two pedal inputs on the Blueboard and both continuous and switch functions will work. For applications where a switch is not required, the Mission EP-1 is an appropriate alternative.

Since the Blueboard only has 4 switches to start with, having an extra one is pretty handy, and being mounted on the expression pedal, it’s perfect for turning your wah on.


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