Go Rechargeable

What is 529?

Using the latest in USB and Lithium-ion technology, 529 power supplies from Mission Engineering power your entire pedal board from a wide array of rechargeable batteries or tiny USB wall chargers. 529 replaces decades old big, heavy power supplies with exceptionally small and light units with modern features such as USB charging, and high current outputs for modelers and multi-effects.

The name ‘five-two-nine’ comes from the original 529 USB converter that boosts a 5V USB source into a 9V effects pedal supply, hence 5 to 9.

There is a 529 model to fit most needs from tiny fly rigs like the the Pedaltrain Nano to large boards with high current digital modeling devices.

The 529 Advantage

  • No searching for outlets
  • No cables or extension cords
  • No hum or ground loops
  • Ideal for wireless and fly-rigs
  • Just drop on stage and turn on

Why 529?

Why would you choose a Mission 529 over an old style wall power supply?

Since 529 utilizes rechargeable Li-Ion batteries there’s no searching for wall outlets or running long cables or extension cords. Isolated from AC, your pedal board is always quiet, stable and reliable with no possibility of ground loops, or common mode noise. Setup and tear down is faster and easier as you can just drop your pedal board anywhere on stage and turn on.

Traditional power supply outputs support a few hundred mA at best. Modern digital multi-effects and modelers require much more and often cannot be used with this type of power supply. The 529M provides up to 3000mA on a single output, that’s 10 times more power than most other power supplies.

Most users say that after switching to 529, they’ll never go back to an old style power supply. Artists take small pedal boards on tour and get a whole week of shows on a single charge, never having to worry about wall power at a venue.

A Mission 529 system can cost about the same as a good quality AC supply and has the same or better regulation, isolation, stability and noise performance. Some 529 models work with both battery and wall power if required, so for most people going rechargeable is an easy decision.

Which model?

529 – The 529 converts an external USB battery pack into 5 isolated 9V pedal outputs and 1 x USB output. When the battery runs down, just switch it out for another or plug into the wall. The 529 will work with almost any USB power pack as well as other USB sources such as phone chargers and computers. The 529 is best when you need an isolated power supply with the flexibility to use interchangeable batteries and wall power.

529i – The 529i provides 8 isolated 9V outputs and 1 USB output from an internal rechargeable battery. The battery can be recharged with the supplied 12V wall charger or from a USB charger. The 529i is best when you need more isolated outputs and the simplicity of an internal battery.

529M – The 529M converts an external USB-PD battery pack or charger into a single high current (3000mA) output with 5 selectable voltages (6V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 18V) delivering up to 60W of power. The 529M is best if you need to power large numbers of analog pedals, power unusual voltage pedals, or power high current devices such as multi effects units and modelers.


529 models feature an anodized aluminum enclosure designed to be robust enough for road use, while remaining lightweight.

Circuit designs are based on the highest quality parts from leading component suppliers such as TI, Panasonic, and Coilcraft.

Many traditional power supplies are based on old designs that have been around for decades. 529 leverages modern technology from computing and automotive applications to make much smaller and lighter power supplies with the latest features such as USB charging.


Good isolation in pedal board power supplies is very important as it prevents noise generated by digital devices passing into the audio path. If you have ever connected up an effect pedal and been greeted by clicking, hissing and other unpleasant noises, you’ll know what we mean. Isolation also helps protect connected devices from damage in case of certain fault conditions in other pedals.

Good quality transformers are essential for providing proper isolation. These USA made parts cost a little more but they are the best choice for exceptional low noise performance, so we don’t compomise here. Watch Isolated vs Daisychain power supplies.


Let’s face it, stuff happens. Maybe a cable goes bad or you accidentally plug in an incorrect device or connector. 529 has extensive over current and short circuit protection and will shutdown the output if a fault occurs. Remove the fault and it will automatically turn itself back on.

Stability and Noise

An unregulated power output may go over voltage on low loads and sag under high loads. This can result in changes in tone in certain effects such as fuzz and overdrive. It can also cause reliability problems for digital effects. 529’s regulated outputs ensure that 9V is always 9V.

If noise from the power circuit makes it’s way into the audio path, you’ll hear it through your amp as hiss, hum, whining or clicking. Since the 529 uses a DC battery source, there is no AC common mode noise such as 60 cycle hum to worry about, and extensive filtering on the switching side makes the 529 one of the quietest supplies available.

Check out the noise test comparison below. The first traces is the 9V output from another brand of power supply. In the second trace you can see how the 529 has filtered out the noise.