KM-212P Electronic User Guide

KM-212P Speaker
Electronic User Guide

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Congratulations on your purchase of the Mission KM-212P. This product is designed to be intuitive to setup and operate, and to provide many years of trouble free service. However, we recommend that you take a few moments to read through this User Guide in order to get the best possible experience with your new speaker.


The KM-212P is the first conventional guitar speaker cabinet optimized for use with modelers. The KM-212P is ideal for those who prefer a traditional guitar cab over full range speaker. A slanted baffle with two diagonally opposed, extended high frequency drivers provides improved high frequency response and dispersion over a typical guitar cabinet, without requiring tweeters and crossovers like a full range monitor.

The KM-212P is designed to provide a big cab sound at a fraction of the size and weight. The 2 x 12″ Neodymium magnet speaker drivers weigh less than 4lbs. The total weight of the loaded cabinet is under 49lbs, and is easily carried by one person.

The KM-212P can be used with most modeling amps as well as conventional tube, or solid state guitar amplifiers, making it ideal for musicians that use both digital and traditional amps. The KM212-P is optimized for use with the Kemper Power Head and Power Rack, and can be connected with a single 1/4″ speaker cable to the power amp output on the rear.


The KM-212P is a passive speaker and should be connected to a power amplifier stage. This can be a speaker connection on a conventional guitar amplifier, a speaker connection on a separate power amplifier used with a modeler, or an integrated power amp with a modeler such as the Kemper Power Head or Power Rack.

The KM-212P utilizes 2 x 12″ 8 Ohm drivers wired in series presenting a nominal impedance of 16 Ohms a the input. Be careful to only connect to power amplifiers that are compatible with a 16 Ohm load. Check the user documentation for your particular amplifier to see if it supports a 16 Ohm load.

Some amplifiers may have different speaker connections for different loads. If so, make sure to connect the KM-212P to the outputs labeled 16 Ohm. If the amplifier outputs are switchable, make sure to switch to 16 Ohm BEFORE connecting the KM-212P.

When using the KM-212P with a Kemper Power Profiler, connect to the 8-16 Ohm Speaker Output on the rear of the Profiler. This is normally the one with the red ring around it.

Connect the power amplifier out to the input on the rear of the KM-212P using a 1/4″ TS speaker cable. It is recommended to use a speaker cable with a wire gauge no smaller than 16AWG.

Safety Instructions

Read, Keep & Follow these instructions
Heed all warnings
Clean only with dry cloth
Do not use this apparatus near water

Do not expose the apparatus to dripping or
splashing and ensure that no objects filled with
liquids, shall be placed on the apparatus

WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric
shock do not expose this apparatus to rain or

Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or
when unused for long periods of time

Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in
accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

Only use attachments/accessories specified by
the manufacturer

Prolonged listening at high volume levels may
cause irreparable hearing loss and/or damage.
Always be sure to practice “safe listening.”

Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.
Service is required when the apparatus has been
damaged in any way, such as:

Power-supply cord or plug is damaged
Liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen
into the apparatus
The unit has been exposed to rain or moisture
The unit is dropped or the enclosure is
The unit does not operate normally or changes
in performance in a significant way

Dismantling, rewiring, removing components or
otherwise altering the function of the unit may
cause unexpected behavior and will invalidate
the warranty.

Connect the KM-212P only to amplifiers capable of supporting a 16 Ohm load. Connecting to another output may result in serious damage to the speaker, the amplifier, or both.

Never connect the KM-212P to anything other than the 16 Ohm speaker output of a compatible amplifier.

In the USA, wire conductor size is commonly stated in AWG (American Wire Gauge). Wires of a larger gauge have a smaller number. 14AWG is larger than 16AWG for example. Guitar speaker cables are typically between 16 and 10AWG.

Speaker cables must be capable of carrying higher voltages and more current than instrument cables. A typical guitar cable maybe 22AWG or smaller. Instrument cables are not suitable for use with the KM-212P.